Evaluation of two different ways of treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome was performed on 40 patients by medical team (Dakowicz et al., 2010) at Polish university hospital in Białystok. The efficacy of low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy with frequencies 10-40 Hz and intensities 1-5 mT was tested even in combination with laser stimulation.

All patients were divided into two groups and underwent low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy within ten working days, although with a 2-week break after first five working days. However, only one group also underwent laser biostimulation. Evaluation of the effects of treatment was carried out after the first five days of treatment, after the complete treatment and subsequently after 6 months.

Already after the first five days of treatment, an average of nearly 40% pain relief was observed in both groups. During the two-week pause, pain intensity remained at the same level, but then, after full completion of the treatment, it further decreased. Overall, in both groups, an average of 70% improvement in pain occurred and also patients’ sleep quality improved, which suggests that the therapy should be repeated more often.

In addition, long term effects of pulsed magnetic therapy were confirmed after 6 months when the intensity of pain was still reduced, although only by approx. 30%. When the results of both groups were compared, it was revealed that laser biostimulation lacks the long-term effects and only modestly adds to the overall effectiveness of the treatment.

All in all, findings of this study clearly confirm the analgesic effect of low-frequency pulsed magnetic field. Pulsed magnetic therapy thus represents a suitable treatment for patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, be it in combination with laser biostimulation or not.

Reference: Dakowicz, A. et al. (2010) Assessment of the effectiveness of two different physiotherapy procedures in the conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome. Reumatologia. 48 (4), 225–229.

Assessment of the effectiveness of two different physiotherapy procedures in the conservative treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome

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