Tennis elbow

Characteristics: The program is intended for elbow joint pain – tennis elbow (radial epicondylitis), which develops due to excessive one-sided overexertion in athletes and hardworking individuals.

Purpose of magnetic therapy in tennis elbow

In tennis elbow, magnetic therapy reduces pain and supports the healing process, in addition to other surgical and rehabilitation treatments. Inflammatory diseases of the tendons and entheses tend to become chronic and recur in case of early exertion or insufficient treatment and recovery. Therefore, magnetic therapy is recommended for prevention even during the remission stage.

Using magnetic therapy in tennis elbow

Tennis elbow is a disease of the muscle and tendon entheses in the elbow joint (Epicondylus radialis humeri) – enthesopathy. Particularly wrist extensors and supinators are overloaded. Risk factors of the chronic form of tennis elbow in athletes can be reduced by reducing training load and by using compensation exercises. In hard working individuals, changing work activities during the work shift may help. The disease may result in pain or even the inability to grasp an item in the hand, and a reduction in muscle strength. Treatment is a long-term procedure and includes both conservative and surgical care, rest regime, orthoses, ice-packs, analgesics, corticoids or, if these do not help, surgical intervention. Physiotherapy, magnetic therapy, etc. play a key role in conservative treatment.

Application of magnetic therapy in tennis elbow

In tennis elbow, apply Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy locally on the affected elbow daily, repeatedly and on a long-term basis, ideally using the small elliptical applicator. In tennis elbow, analgesic, anti-swelling, anti-inflammatory and healing effects are beneficial.

Tennis elbow and magnetic therapy – queries

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