Joint arthroses

Characteristics of the Joint arthroses program: Use the Joint arthroses program to reduce pain in patients with degenerative changes in the joint tissues, including the bones, cartilage and ligaments.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in joint arthrosis

In joint arthroses, the purpose of magnetic therapy applications is to reduce pain and support healing and regenerative processes. It should be applied preferably in the acute phase. Once the pain has been reduced, it is recommended to proceed with long-term applications of the Medical program.

Using magnetic therapy in joint arthroses

The Joint arthroses program alternates between analgesic effects and the Medical program range. The analgesic effect is prioritised and the remaining share is left for frequencies leading to vasodilation and improved microcirculation in the treated tissues. Application leads to gradual stimulation of healing and regeneration of the damaged tissue while reducing excessive pain. In the clinical mode, the frequency range below 50 Hz is added for more intensive stimulation of healing. It is used e.g. for the treatment of pain in degenerative changes to joint tissues.

Degenerative changes caused by joint arthrosis primarily affect the articular cartilage; once it is damaged, bone spurs may grow on the edges of the joint, leading to the development of osteoarthrotic changes. Secondarily, the ligaments and soft tissues around the joint may also be damaged by joint arthrosis. The damage leads to joint deformation, limitation of mobility, and pain. During joint arthrosis, the knee, hip and shoulder joints are the most frequently affected ones. Ageing, congenital changes in the joints, traumatic changes, overexertion, metabolic effects and other factors contribute to the development of joint arthrosis.


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