Set Lumina NT

Set magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina NT - Night

The Biomag® Lumina NT set is intended primarily for whole-body rehabilitation. It can also be used for diagnoses which indicate the need for vascular and nerve systems as well as the whole metabolism to be affected.
It is also suitable for muscle relief before massages and for accelerated regeneration following sports activities.

Set Lumina FS

Set magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina FS - Finest

Thanks to its accessories – the most advanced Biomag applicators, the Biomag® Lumina FS set is intended for the widest and most comfortable use of 3D Biomag magnetic therapy applications. This set contains the patented pillow 3D applicator and the AL16-LUM local applicator, with a combination of both therapeutic light and healing pulsed field.

Set Lumina MD

Set magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina MD - Medical

The Biomag® Lumina MD set is the most suitable set for modern sites, which allows the majority of requirements for applications of patented 3D Biomag magnetic therapy to be met. Therefore, it is suitable for large sports-relaxation centres, rehabilitation centres, modern hospital centres and clinics.

Have a choice from our wide product range and sets or let us recommend you the set suits you best.

Bag for the Lumina MD set

Brašna pro set Lumina MD

Bag for the Lumina ES set

Brašna pro set magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina ES

Bag for the Lumina FS set

Brašna pro set magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina FS

Bag for the Lumina FR set

Brašna pro set magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina FR

Bag for the Lumina NT set

Brašna pro set magnetoterapie Biomag Lumina NT

The devices and applicators of the Biomag magnetic therapy specified above are popular with customers especially due to their versatility and wide range of medical indications.

We can arrange tailored combinations of devices and applicators of Biomag magnetic therapy according to the individual needs of the user. Biomag offers the widest range of devices and applicators on the market. Biomag consultants or authorized partner companies will be happy to recommend you the most suitable combination (set) for specific medical indications.

Contact us by using the form specified below and let us recommend you a Biomag magnetic therapy right now. In addition, you will get the opportunity to try out the selected Biomag magnetic therapy set free of charge.


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