Healing of skin wounds is a common problem in patients suffering from diabetesTherefore team of Iran Goudarzi (2010) examined the possibility of using pulsed magnetic field with 20 Hz frequency and 8 mT intensity to accelerate the healing of these wounds in animal model.

Injured site of the skin was exposed to low-frequency electromagnetic field daily for one hour.

The effect of pulsed magnetic therapy was evaluated by changes in the size of injury taking into account percentage of healed surface, duration of healing and tensile strength.

Based on the comparison with the control group, the results showed that pulsed magnetic therapy significantly accelerates healing and also increases wound tensile strength.

Reference: Goudarzi, I. et al. (2010). Pulsed Electromagnetic Fields Accelerate Wound Healing in the Skin of Diabetic Rats. Bioelectromagnetics, 31(4), 318-323.

Pulsed electromagnetic fields accelerate wound healing in the skin of diabetic rats


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