Effects of magnetized water on fertility was studied by research team of L. Hafizi (2014) in animal model, and not just by comparing the successes of induced superovulations, but also further by analyzing inner lining of uterus and oviducts.

An important indicator was the height of epithelial cells in oviducts and uterus. Sufficient height of these liners is essential for proper implantation. With inadequate height of this epithelium, egg might not nestle in the womb, but could be flooded away from the body instead.

The effect of magnetized water was confirmed in this case as increased height of epithelial cells in oviducts was observed. And not only that. Magnetized water also increased the number of corpus luteum (yellow body) and thus the chance of pregnancy.

Under normal circumstances, new corpus luteum is developed during each menstrual cycle. It is essential for establishing and maintaining pregnancy. However, in this study, superovulation caused a release of larger number of eggs, so increase in the number of corpus luteum was also necessary.

In short, fertility is improved by increased number of corpus luteum during induced superovulation and by increased height of epithelium in oviducts.

Data of this study clearly demonstrated that drinking magnetized water further increases the chances of conceiving.

Reference: Hafizi, L. et al. (2014) Effects of magnetized water on ovary, pre-implantation stage endometrial and fallopian tube epithelial cells in mice. Iranian Journal of Reproductive Medicine. 12 (4), 243–248.

Effects of magnetized water on fertility and height of epithelial cells in pre-implantation stage

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