Treatment of arthrosis is the most common topic of clinical studies related to low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy. That makes the work of H. Gierse, who summarized the importance of pulsed magnetic therapy based on the results of many clinical trials of recent years, even more valuable.

This systematic review surprisingly found that pulsed magnetic therapy is most often applied for treatment of osteoarthritis and sports injuries. At the same time it pointed out the impressive results of pulsed magnetic therapy in treatment.

According to the findings of H. Gierse, clinical studies confirm significant – up to 87% – treatment success rate for these diagnoses.

Moreover, experimental studies on human chondrocytes, which are cells found in healthy cartilage and intervertebral discs, also showed improved growth and recovery of these cells thanks to the effects of pulsed magnetic fields.

Reference: Gierse, H. (2003) Aktueller Stand der Pulsierenden Signal Therapie zur Behandlung der Arthrose. / Current status of Pulsed Signal Therapy in the treatment of arthrosis. Deutsche Zeitschrift fuer Sportmedizin. 54 (6), 212–214.

Aktueller Stand der Pulsierenden Signal Therapie zur Behandlung der Arthrose 

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