The results of this study showed magnetolaser therapy to be effective in the treatment of patients suffering from urolithiasis (stone formation). Magnetolaser therapy involved the use of the Milita device with a 35-mT magnetic field. V.P. Avdoshin, Assessment of magnetolaser therapy in comparison to other methods of treatment of patients with urolithiasis, Fiz Med, 4(1-2), 1994, p. 102-103. This trial informs of the successful use of magnetic laser therapy in Urinary bladder inflammation and magnetic therapy diagnosed at a urology clinic. O. B. Loran, Magnetic laser therapy in inflammatory and post-traumatic diseases of the urinary system , Urol Nefrol (Mosk) (5), September-October 1996, p. 10-14.

Urinary problems and clinical magnetic therapy effects – queries

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