Stimulation of muscles and muscle strength with low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields was attempted on 18 volunteers by Russian team of R. M. Gorodnichev and the results were published their study in 2014.

Men who participated in the experiment were randomly, but with the relative muscle strength, divided into experimental group and control group. Both groups completed a ten-day exercise of foot plantar flexion (rising on tiptoes), but only the calf muscles in the experimental group (specifically gastrocnemius muscle) were exposed to low-frequency pulsed magnetic fields during contractions.

Power torque of the foot plantar flexion, in other words the force that volunteer must generate to rise on tiptoes, increased significantly after ten days of training in the experimental group – by 24% on average. On the other hand, no significant change occurred in the control group.

Results of this experiment thus confirm that low-frequency pulsed magnetic field stimulates muscles to such extent that their strength is more greatly developed.

Reference: Gorodnichev, R. et al. (2014) The effect of electromagnetic stimulation on the parameters of muscular strength. Human Physiology. 40 (1), 65–69.

The effect of electromagnetic stimulation on the parameters of muscular strength 

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