Pseudo-arthrosis (non-union) – healing support

Characteristics of the Pseudo-arthrosis (non-union) - healing support program: Pseudo-arthrosis or non-union develops when fractured bones do not heal properly and the bone ends remain movable. We should consider non-union when the healing time exceeds twice the normal healing time without any signs of bone healing. Bone healing requires fixation of the fragments and rest for the creation of a fibrous structure, in which calcium salts are deposited and a definitive hardening of the bone occurs. The second requirement for healing is a good supply of blood and nutrients to the bone. Non-union is manifested by increased pain during exercise and movement at the site of the non-union. Usually, this is confirmed by X-ray and CT scan. The subsequent therapeutic procedure depends on whether the non-union is vital or non-vital (with poor nutrition). Treatment should include fixation change, revitalisation of the altered bone, spongioplasty, transfer of bone grafts, modification of the blood vessel supply, etc.

Using magnetic therapy in non-union healing

For healing non-unions, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is applicable from the first few days after the injury. Magnetic therapy alleviates pain and improves the nutritional status of the injured bone due to its vasodilatory and healing effects. As a support for healing non-unions, magnetic therapy cannot substitute good fixation, but it significantly supports the metabolic processes in the bones, leading to better incorporation of the building materials. Magnetic therapy accelerates healing, activates the formation of new tissue (rapid building of the bone tissue and calcification) and leads to increased sensitivity to the parathyroid hormone.

Application of magnetic therapy in non-union healing

To support the healing of non-unions, apply preferably low frequencies of 4-6 Hz to reduce pain and subsequently, this treatment can be used alternately with healing frequencies from 25-50 Hz.

Healing of non-unions and magnetic therapy - queries

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