Muscle fatigue

Characteristics of the Muscle fatigue program: Muscle fatigue after exercise, heavy physical work and when exhausted limits further physical activities and if the muscles are not regenerated sufficiently, this results in microtrauma and chronic problems.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application in muscle fatigue

The purpose of the application in muscle fatigue is to reduce pain and create metabolic conditions to accelerate muscle recovery.

Description of muscle fatigue

Muscles require a supply of oxygen to function but are limited by energetic glycogen resources. In case the intensity of aerobic exercise increases, which requires a faster supply of oxygen than the transport system is able to provide, the exercising muscle tissue switches to the anaerobic extraction of energy. This leads to the overproduction of lactate and the development of metabolic acidosis. The lactate decreases mobilisation of fat reserves and leads to greater utilisation of glycogen as an energy source. The limiting factor is a critical decrease in glycogen reserves and subsequent hypoglycaemia, especially in CNS. The result is decreased glycolysis with reduced formation of ATP and CP. Acidosis worsens conditions for the formation and use of muscle potential, thus worsening the contractility of muscles. This leads to physiological muscle fatigue, which is sensed as a heaviness, weakness or pain or stiffness of the skeletal muscles. Fatigued and exhausted muscles tend to tremble and suffer from spasms. In muscle fatigue, the following insufficiencies occur: decrease in muscle strength, loss of speed and fine motorics (Nauza). In repetitive locomotor activities, when breaks are not sufficient for full recovery, acute pathological fatigue occurs (Máček, Vávra), which can end in blood circulation failure and death, or, in chronic pathological fatigue, it can lead to a reduction and atrophy of muscle fibres and their substitution by ligament tissue.

Using magnetic therapy in muscle fatigue

In muscle fatigue, Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy is an optimal rehabilitation method that leads to immediate vasodilatation, increases the oxygen and nutrient supply to the treated muscles, accelerates the removal of acid metabolites, reduces pain, relaxes spasms and contractions. This will reduce muscle fatigue. Treatment is applied to the given area via a flat applicator using vasodilatory and stimulation frequencies to support regeneration, and can be combined with a fluid intake programme, including magnetised water.

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