We have prepared for you a list of Biomag magnetic therapy users and providers. Professionals from more than 30 countries worldwide use Biomag magnetic therapy devices and applicators.
Find out which of them is located near you in the Czech Republic. We believe the quantity and names of users and providers of Biomag magnetic therapy will persuade you of the high quality of our products.

  • After-care hospital

    Bílina - Pražské Předměstí

  • Beskydy children’s sanatorium


  • Bezvodová, Vlasta, rehabilitation, Bezva

    Praha - Vršovice

  • MUDr. Lubomír Vejvoda

    Liberec, Czech Republic

  • Na Bulovce university hospital

    Praha - Libeň

  • Nemocnice Jindřichův Hradec, a.s., MUDr. Bajer, Karel, head physician of rehabilitation

    Jindřichův Hradec

  • Prachatice hospital – rehabilitation


  • Rehabilitation – Gogelová, Miluše, Morkovice

    Slížany - Morkovice

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