Individual option

Characteristics of the Individual option: The program allows the manual setting of any application frequency in the USER mode and CLINIC mode, pulse profile and other parameters within the entire functional range of the device.

Purpose of magnetic therapy application within the Individual option

The purpose of magnetic therapy within the Individual option is to enable individual user settings and for the patient to find the most suitable frequency band for optimisation of the parameters.

Using magnetic therapy within the Individual option

The Individual option in the USER mode provides steps of 1 Hz up to 81 Hz, and up to 162 Hz in the CLINIC mode. This expands application options for individual settings. The WOBBLING function works in both modes and it allows the setting.

The special program called Individual option offer a wide range of use, since it is possible to set it to simulate all originally integrated programs and create a number of other variations. This program will best suit experienced users and professional rehabilitation staff who can specifically adjust applications based on their long-term personal experience and evaluation of the patient's response. It can be applied to pain of all types, from inflammatory, metabolic and degenerative diseases to functional disorders, neurovegetative imbalance and psychiatric indications. In addition, the program can be used for preventive applications in healthy individuals with increased load, athletes and seniors to generally stimulate the body.

Magnetic therapy and the Individual option

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