Efficacy of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation in treatment of migraine was verified on 11 patients in a pilot study of the Italian research team from the University of Palermo (Brighina et al., 2004).

Since functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI) revealed the ability to suppress pain in dorsolateral prefrontal cortex, there was a high probability that repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation of this area could alleviate chronic migraine.

Six patients were assigned to the experimental group and the remaining 5 underwent treatment with a sham device.

In four weeks, all six patients were exposed to a total of 12 applications of 20 Hz pulsed magnetic stimulation.

The results showed that in comparison to the control group, the magnetic stimulation significantly alleviated headaches and its reoccurrences in the experimental group.

Magnetic stimulation with its therapeutic effects can therefore undeniably relieve chronic headaches and also symptoms of common and chronic migraine.

Reference: Brighina, F. et al. (2004) rTMS of the prefrontal cortex in the treatment of chronic migraine: a pilot study. Journal of the Neurological Sciences. 22767–71.

rTMS of the prefrontal cortex in the treatment of chronic migraine: a pilot study

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