Effects of pulsed magnetic therapy on visual functions, bioelectrical activity of the retina, conductivity and ocular circulation were investigated by a Russian medical team (Zobina et al., 1990) in 88 patients and a total of 160 eyes with optic nerve atrophy.

Low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy of 10 mT intensity was applied to all patients during 10-15 sessions, each lasting 7-10 minutes.

Results showed that visual acuity (VA) in patients with low sharpness (below 0.04 diopter) improved in 50% of cases. Above all, it was found that this treatment improves blood flow in eyes of patients with optic nerve atrophy (ONA) treatment. Consequently, duration of stimulation conduction along the vision routes is reduced while the overall stimulation of retinal ganglion cells is improved. Optimal results were achieved after 10 therapy sessions. The stabilization of the positive effects of pulsed magnetic therapy was then achieved by repeating the treatment every 6-8 months.
In other words, this studyconfirmed that pulsed magnetic therapy improves visual acuity in patients with atrophy of the optic nerve and also concluded that this healing effect is caused by the positive impact on intraocular circulation.

Reference: Zobina, L. V., Orlovskaia, L. S., Sokov, S. L., Sabaeva, G. F., Kondé, L. A., Iakovlev, A. A. (1990) Эффективность магнитотерапии в атрофии зрительного нерва. Предварительное исследование, 106 (5), s. 54-57.

Effectiveness of magnetotherapy in optic nerve atrophy. A preliminary study / Эффективность магнитотерапии в атрофии зрительного нерва. Предварительное исследование


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