Crohn’s Disease (except for acute exacerbation)

Editor: | 27. March 2020

Do you feel fatigued, suffer from pain in the abdominal area, diarrhoea or constipation? Crohn’s disease may be at fault. It has a variety of symptoms depending on which area it currently affects. If the disease is diagnosed early and treatment is commenced, the patient may lead an unaffected life. See your physician if you notice the aforementioned symptoms.

Crohnova nemoc - popis diagnózy
image: Crohn’s Disease (except for acute exacerbation)

Are you looking for a solution for Crohn’s disease?

Would you like to rid yourself of the issue?

Characteristics of Crohn’s Disease and its Causes

Crohn’s disease (or regional enteritis) is an inflammatory disease affecting practically any part of the gastrointesinal tract.

It most commonly manifests in the area of small and large intestine. It is considered an autoimmune disease.  

It is an inflammatory disease affecting practically any part of the gastrointesinal tract from the mouth to the anus, which has a propensity to relapse. The relapse rate is at 30% to 50%

Mucosa of the affected part of the intestine is heavily perfused with blood and coated in fibrin, polyps and ulcers. The inflammation process has the proclivity to penetrate into surrounding area.

The main symptoms are pain, diarrhea or constipation accompanied by nausea and emesis, blood in stool, high temperature.

The cause remains unclear; however, the contributing factors are considered to be:

  • immune reaction,
  • trauma,
  • infection,
  • alergies,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • neurogenic and psychogenic factors,
  • hereditary predisposition.

Crohn’s Disease Treatment – Rid yourself of the Issue

Due to the fact that the cause is unknown, the disease cannot be treated completely.

The goal of the treatment is to diminish the active phase of inflammation and to keep the disease in the quiescent stage.

Aminosalicylates (eg. mesalazine), corticosteroids and immunosuppresants are used to reduce inflammation. Antibiotics are administered only in case of infectius complications. Biological therapy poses new hope in treatment.

When there are complications or the body does not respond adequately to drug treatment, surgical intervention may be recommended.

Apart from responsibly adhering to taking prescribed medication, it is also important to keep to a bland diet that does not irritate the gastrointestinal tract.

3D Biomag pulsed therapy helps soothe the symptoms of Crohn’s disease. Its goal is to affect the inflammatory process and reduce swelling.

Explanation of chosen terms:

  • Amino salicylates – drugs used to suppress non-infectious intestine inflammation.
  • Bland diet – diet that contains food typically soft in texture, lower in fibre, higher in pH, and mildly seasoned, aimed at not irritating the intestine.
  • Immunosuppressants – drugs limiting or seizing the function of the immune system.
  • Biological treatment (immunotherapy) – treatment that uses the body’s immunity and its weakening or strengthening to treat diseases.

Patented 3D Biomag pulsed therapy. How does it work?

The basic principle of 3D Biomag magnetotherapy is generating electromagnetic pulses. The generated pulses penetrate through layers of clothing and even body tissues to the place of application. These pulses have specially developed biotropic parameters (e.g. frequency, profile, intensity), thanks to which the pulsed magnetotherapy affects various health conditions.

The term pulse magnetotherapy is most commonly used for physiotherapy using the principle of electromagnetic pulses. The abbreviation PEMF is used in order to be concise.

Patented 3D Biomag technology ensures more precise and uninterrupted pulse profiles, enhances output, and allows pulses to come from various angles. This makes it a completely new and unique medical technology on the market.

What are the benefits of therapy of Crohn’s disease?

  • Has anti-inflammatory effect.
  • Has positive effect on regulation of vegetative system.
  • Stimulates healing processes.
  • Helps through vasodilating effect
  • Thanks to being easy to use, it can be applied at home.
  • It’s a solution with no additional medicaments.
  • It’s a non-invasive treatment.

3D Biomag therapy and its effects – as explained by MUDr. Peter Bednarčík, CSc.

The effects of pulsed therapy - clinical studies

The clinically-most-significant effects of 3D Biomag pulsed therapy in patients with Crohn’s disease is mainly in the healing effect.

Positive effects of pulse magnetic field (PEMF) are evidenced by clinical studies by authorities on the subject and renowned institutions. The newest list of these clinical studies can be found on this page. Contact us and we will gladly help to familiarize yourself with this expert data.

Our department uses pulse magnetic field application very well. We appreciate that not only is there an option to used numbered programmes, but also to set up our own programmes. The device is small and easy to operate with good output.

University hospital Na Bulovce, Prague – Physiotherapy department

We have been utilising pulse magnetic field treatment in our spa for more than 10 years. We use Biomag devices for both physiotherapy and spa treatment. It is very advantageous to combine magnetotherapy with other physiotherapy methods because the effect of magnetotherapy potentiates with other methods (analgesic, anti-oedematous, recovery and myorelaxing).

Bělohrad Peat Spa – Lázně Bělohrad

We are happy with the device. The applicators are also easy to operate, and treatment results are satisfying. Feedback from patients is positive. Average number of applications is 50 per week.

Masaryk hospital, Jilemnice

I don't need to recommend to my closest ones the Biomag devices and applicators as they persuaded themselves by the time. Everyone loves its easy usage, saved time. They could find out another option of using.

Jan Šrotíř, Vyškov

We used the device for treatment of venous ulcer, ear pain, tinnitus. The venous ulcer has healed, tinnitus hasn't improved but important is that it is not getting worse. The best results we could see is with the digestive system of my wife, she is fine today.

Antonín Sahula, Benešov

Addendum: The results of the therapy may be individual and may not always correspond to the experience disclosed herein.

Doctors and our other clients use Biomag pulse therapy for these conditions and issues:

  • Diabetes
  • Spinal pain
  • Varicose ulcers
  • High blood pressure
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • Arthrosis
  • Other issues

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