Conditions after cerebrovascular accidents

Characteristics of cerebrovascular accident (CVA): Cerebrovascular accident (CVA) or stroke is a sudden brain disorder, usually focal, which is caused by an impaired blood supply to the brain of ischaemic or haemorrhagic aetiology, with intracerebral or subarachnoid localisation.

According to the course, cerebrovascular accidents can be classified as a transient that resolves within 24 hours (serves as a warning signal), reversible, which lasts 24 hours to 14 days and then resolves, (can leave a minor functional deficit), progressing, which arises from on-going thrombosis with failure of the compensatory mechanisms of the cerebral circulation, and completed with focal irreversible involvement and permanent functional deficits. Treatment of cerebrovascular accidents in the acute stage is aimed at maintaining vital functions, and includes anti-swelling therapy, thrombolytic therapy and normalisation of blood pressure. After managing the acute phase of cerebrovascular accidents, rehabilitation is initiated.

Using magnetic therapy in conditions after cerebrovascular accidents

As part of early rehabilitation (usually once the patient is discharged from hospital after the acute disease has been managed), Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be applied, which has vasodilatory effects on pre-capillary arterioles and capillaries, significantly improves microcirculation and the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the affected areas of the brain, and exerts an anti-swelling effect. This improves metabolic conditions for normal functioning of the nerve cells and supports further movement and rehabilitation after cerebrovascular accidents.

Application of magnetic therapy in conditions after cerebrovascular accidents

In conditions after cerebrovascular accidents, we use programs at a frequency range of 2-25 Hz, which provides spasmolytic and vasodilatory effects. A suitable solenoid should be used on the head, or a flat applicator on the cervical spine area.

Magnetic therapy and conditions after cerebrovascular accidents - queries

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