Cartilage, damaged meniscus, regeneration

Characteristics of the Cartilage, damaged meniscus, regeneration program: Cartilage is the tissue that covers the articular ends of the bones. It is an elastic structure which significantly reduces friction between the contact surfaces. Cartilage is constantly being broken down and rebuilt, and can be repaired in the event of damage. Increased load and excessive damage may exceed the regenerative capacity of the cartilage, thus reducing its height. Bone under the cartilage responds by increased pain. Irritation of the lining of the joints leads to fluid amassing in the joint, limited mobility and joint dysfunction.

Degenerative changes in the cartilage are the first manageable symptoms of a degenerative musculoskeletal disease. If we fail to prevent cartilage damage by early or preferably preventive treatment, the joint damage will become irreversible over time.

A comprehensive approach to cartilage damage treatment is required, including surgical treatment (such as autologous chondrocyte implantation), pharmaceutical treatment, increased intake of chondroprotective substances (called joint nutrition) and controlled exercise, electrotherapy and magnetic therapy.

Using magnetic therapy in cartilage damage

Biomag low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy can be used to prevent cartilage damage (in athletes and hardworking individuals), as well as for its treatment. Another advantage is the possibility of long-term home application. Magnetic therapy is used for its healing, regenerative, anti-inflammatory, and anti-swelling effects. It leads to improved regeneration of the cartilage and soft tissues of the joint. It is suitable for follow-up care following surgical treatment of cartilage.

Application of magnetic therapy in cartilage damage

In cartilage damage and in the event of swelling and pain, we should start at low frequencies of 4-6 Hz and once pain reduction has been achieved, we should stimulate regeneration using frequencies from 50-81 Hz. Stimulation frequencies are also used for prevention and are most commonly applied using a solenoid.

Cartilage damage and magnetic therapy - queries

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