Alopecia (hair loss)

Characteristics of alopecia (hair loss): Alopecia is pathological hair loss in clumps which may result in complete loss of the hair. Hair loss can be caused by hormonal changes, stress, toxic effects, mechanical effects and skin diseases. In addition to changes in eating habits, dihydrotestoterone inhibitors and other approaches leading to improved blood circulation in the scalp and total body detoxification are used in treatment.

Using magnetic therapy in alopecia (hair loss)

With its significant vasodilatory effect on pre-capillary arterioles and capillaries, low-frequency pulsed magnetic therapy stimulates the microcirculation of oxygenated blood and nutrients in the exposed part of the scalp and creates better conditions for new hair growth.
To enhance the overall effect in hair loss (alopecia) treatment, we can use magnetic therapy on the liver area to support the detoxification functions, and a drinking cure with magnetised water, which has an increased ability to dissolve and release metabolites from tissues.

Application of magnetic therapy in alopecia (hair loss): On the scalp: vasodilatory programs (36-44 Hz) using the solenoid; on the liver area: Medical program using the flat applicator.

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