It is generally known that magnetotherapy should be applied in various ways, depending on the particular case; this means that the duration of the therapy and the number of applications may vary. As standard, there are two application sessions per day; for more serious diseases, three or even more sessions a day are possible, while the recommended break is 6 hours.

If possible, do not end magnetotherapy abruptly. It is better to prolong the intervals between applications towards the end of the therapeutic period. It is recommended that patients suffering from low blood pressure take a break of approximately 20 minutes after application. For short-term disorders, it is recommended that application be repeated 20 to 30 times; however, the minimum number of sessions is 10.

With chronic diseases and after-care in particular, repeated application over the course of a longer period of time is recommended.

Before you start using the device, you must first eliminate likely contraindications!

Number of applications – your questions

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